2016 Obama's America

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Re: 2016 Obama's America

Post by imuakahuku » Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:48 am

In my opinion Barry is a hateful and devious character- he is evil incarnate. He is a communist African colonial that abhors capitalism and wants to see it ended. To me he is very cunning but I wouldn't put the term “intelligent” in there because he makes way too many mistakes and has had way too many “deer in the headlights” moments. A real intelligent person is able to think on his feet and can draw rational and intelligent conclusions which Barry has shown no evidence of. He has gaffed every non teleprompter speech and when pressed about an issue gets easily backed into a corner with his final defense being talking points. I will give him the cunning however. He was able to get all his competition removed from the ballot when he ran for state office. He made the right plays to get elected president. He has kept all his transcripts secret as well as the funding for his educations. It has helped that the lapdog media is always there to roll over and play dead on command.
For those that want to say he is a good man then please explain his affinity for the Weather Underground (the group that sat around and discussed how they would “eliminate” 25 million Americans that would not go along with Communism when they took over), the Marxist ties, the animosity towards any authority but his own, the lawlessness of his administration, operation fast and furious (whose sole purpose was to see that American made guns ended up at cartel crime scenes-ones where people were murdered), even flipping off Hilary not once but twice during their debates (please don't write saying he was just wiping his eye or scratching his head, this is exactly how people in Hawaii flip others off in public and he knows it). He will have an awful lot to account for when he stands before the judgment bar of God. He is a really bad person and I for one couldn't care less what happens to him once removed from office.
BTW I wouldn't put it past him that is they get too panicked about the election, to have some kind of “disturbance” happen at a couple of polling places and then suspend the elections for a “short” time until every polling place can be properly protected or as a last resort some sort of Sir Han Sir Han event.

Here is the undercover agent who testified against the Weather Underground

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