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Re: Grimes

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Fido wrote: Wed Dec 23, 2020 8:11 am Eric Mateos confirmed he was home with Corona--
So that's what he meant hefting the Corona into the air? Wow, missed that. I noted somewhere how surprised I was that he was noting that he was drinking a Corona. :whistle:

Now I get it and can laugh about it.

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Re: Grimes

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First of all, Grimes is why our Oline is as good as it is. I know he has hired the Oline guys he wants that will coach like him but this is the second time Our Oline has been great since Roger French retired and Grimes was here both times. Second, if ARod is the better Ocoordinator and we are better off with him than Grimes, why is LSU courting Grimes and not ARod? If he leaves, we are going to miss him badly.

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