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What I hate about Zack Wilson

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 7:50 pm
by EM_Puma
He was so great and finally brought back the type of QB that many of us older fans had been accustomed too more frequently in following BYU in the 70's & 80's (Wilson, Neilson, McMahon, Young, etc., etc). This level of QBs just haven't been seen in abundance this century and waiting until the next one that really has "it", can sometimes be frustrating.

Same with Jimmer Fredette. It's so hard to have these exceptional athletes show up only now and then and then we just lie in wait for the next one, often getting our hopes up about this one or the other and they never really take us there.

It's just the way sports has been and always will be, but it's the tougher side of fandom.

Sorry, love to see his success and hope him all the best, just truly sad to see him gone knowing he could have been here next season (he made the right decision for himself though).

Re: What I hate about Zack Wilson

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 3:06 am
by E-Zone15
Word is Jacob Conover got all kinds of praise running the scout team, much like the one Max Hall was getting when he ran the scout team. Also Jacob's mission was shortened do to Covid (around a year) show this Fall he paid his own way to run the scout team while also learn the playbook, getting back in shape, and knocking off the rust during this free year (if he wants it). Zach came in early (January) and was starting in the second half of the season. I believe Baylor Romney will be the front runner going into Spring ball, but it will wide open competition for the starting job that will likely run into the Fall,