BYU Cougars on the court.
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That was a stressful game to watch. Pepperdine played the exact kind of game it needed to in order to give themselves shot. A physical, scrappy, ugly kind of game. All the flopping was frustrating, but it got the results they were looking for, so I can't blame them.

You could tell how badly they wanted that game and I think our guys were having a hard time matching their intensity after having some time off. Credit BYU for continuing to fight when things were looking bleak. It wasn't pretty, but they gutted it out and put Pepperdine in their place when it mattered the most.

I can't imagine what it must feel like to face the #1 team in the country less than 24 hours after a tough, physical, overtime, late game.

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Re: Pepperdine

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I had my doubts there in the final minutes. It wasn't looking good. That was an ugly, ugly game and we clearly looked flustered and rusty at times.

I think it was not only good preparation for tonight's game but also good for next week. We're going to get teams' best shot. Pepp wanted that game and threw everything they had at us.

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