SLC ST - The Monty Show

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SLC ST - The Monty Show

Post by byufan4ever »

Maybe you guys already know about these guys, but I just caught two episodes of these guys talking about BYU football. They seem very fair and unbiased in their discussions, but also very frank. I've tried really hard to like BYU SN over the years, but I just can't. It's all too blue goggled, one sided discussions that do nothing for my intellectual curiosity that likes to see the other side of arguments. These guys do get off topic and some of those topics are not what you'd find on BYUtv (on another episode they got off talking about volleyball nude leaks from another school...on a BYU episode).

Basically, in this episode they are 100% behind Sitake, but say that Tuiaki has to go at the end of the season. Anyway, anyone else listen to these guys?

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Re: SLC ST - The Monty Show

Post by jadesroom »

I agree that they are unbiased and for the most part level headed. I say "for the most part" because about a year ago they were talking about how BYU football had supplanted the utes and that best LDS athletes would be heading to Provo in the future.

I'm sure the talk was primarilly to anger the ute audience so that they would continue to listen and respond about how wrong the Monty's were/are.

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