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New Tradition Suggestion Box

Post by TulaneVandyRiceCoug »

Aside from more winning as we enter the Big12, I've got 2 ideas that I think are just golden.

1. Call the games in a new language every week. I'm talking things like Swahili, Yiddish, Hindi, Mandarin, Arabic, Tongan, and yeah Spanish and Portuguese. Let's have a small prize where some senior language students and RMs prep and form small crews and are assigned a game to cover. We get rights to do this on BYUTV and during the regular ESPN broadcast at some point an announcer says, "well if you'd like to tune in to BYU v Kansas State in Hindi, switch on over to BYUTV." Then we start drawing in a true international viewership while showcasing the unique missionary and global outreach/togetherness/CTR part of the brand too.

2. This one comes if Shaun Nua comes. We bring back the Haka but with a twist. The offense faces the defense on the sideline at the start of the game. Something like this, maybe surrounded by the band:

3. New flavor cougar tails rotating each game. Enough said.

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