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My Hat

Post by BoiseBYU »

At the beginning of the year, I wore a beat up BYU hat when I watched a FB game on TV. After the Baylor game I was persuaded, probably by deep under cover Ute fans, to jettison my hat for a new, much better looking BYU hat. That of course was right about when our rough spot began. By the BSU game I figured it was time to change things up. So I went back to wearing my old beat up hat. The win was most pleasing. Being perhaps more superstitious than is good for me, I decided to wear it the rest of the year. And the rest is history. After the men’s BB loss to UVU I figured the hat might do wonders for the men’s BB tem so for the Creighton game I wore it and we can see the results. Yesterday looked ominous. Both the FB and men’s BB games looked like real challenges. Realizing that the lucky hat accountants would be taking note and demanding more for two games in one day, I wore my hat as soon as I woke up until the end of the FB game and once again most satisfying results! Happy holidays to all, and especially to my hat :)

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Re: My Hat

Post by Sammich »

Thanks hat. Saved what might have otherwise been a dismal year.

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Re: My Hat

Post by scott715 »

Is your had from Hogwarts?

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