USC/UCLA to Big10

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Re: USC/UCLA to Big10

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byufan4ever wrote: Wed Jul 06, 2022 4:13 pm I really hate these super conferences. But, I would laugh my head off if Utah gets left in the dust. Regional divisions are going to have to be a must. Cross country trips every week for these student-athletes is not going to be fun for them.
Utah fans seem to see the Big12 as huge step down, so this could happen and would be joy to my heart.
It looks like the Big10 is currently evaluating 4 Pac schools: Washington, Oregon, Cal, and Stanford.
The Governor of California is making all kind of noise about UCLA going to the Big10 and leaving poor little Cal behind with tons of debt. USC and UCLA are on a island out on the West Coast. So... This really could happen:
Big10 decides to take both Cal and Stanford taking all the P5 California school, thus more or less owning the whole State of California (SDSU and Fresno St would hold what they currently have, San Jose St doesn't have much). The Big10 would be adding 2 more of the better academic universities in the Nation. Give the other California schools a travel express break. Likely would take less conference distribution over a number of years (5 or more) just to join the Big10.
Then the Big10 tell both Oregon and Washington thanks but no thanks. Will all of the California market gone from the Pac I could see the Big12 looking mighty good to them.
At that point the Big12 could get mighty picky on who to add and I could see it go like this...
Oregon and Washington with full share membership from day one, then Arizona and San Diego St on the 5 year plan before full shares.
Utah- Pass, already have the Utah market in BYU and Utah has been pretty public about staying in the Pac in both fans and the school. So give them their wish and allow them to build the Pac back up with a base of Utah, ASU, Colorado, Oregon St, and WSU.
Colorado- Pass since they see the Big12 as a conference made up JC academical.
Arizona St- Pass their administration (AD and ect...) has be very public about staying in the Pac and the Big12 would be their fall back plan.

Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and San Diego St would add 4 new media markets.
Arizona, Oregon, and Washington add very nice brands (Arizona's in basketball).
San Diego St would add another P5 in California and a foot in the Southern California market. They have been good in the 2 major sports the last decade and I feel could be a sleeping giant.
The Big12 would be able then take the Pac12's "After Dark" time slot and would be a Coast to Coast mega conference. Their would no doubt who would the #3 Super Conference.

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