Good Bad and Ugly

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Good Bad and Ugly

Post by BoiseBYU »

Good: Puka was involved and produced well.
Pass blocking. Arkansas is supposed to be a sack machine and the OLine held their own
Epps continues to shine and is such a pleasant surprise.

Bad: Safety play was abysmal. Taking bad angles, missing interceptions, giving no run support.
Coaching. First half time management and going for it on your own 34 yard line !!
The play of the defense. We turned the QB into a superstar
We could never get a third down stop…well it was something like 11 out of 13.
We gave the QB all day to pick us apart.
Tacking was too often too painful to watch.
The play where it was third and long and we had three guys wrap up the QB and he got away was the play of the game and a killer for us.
OLine rushing was mostly nonexistent.

Ugly: I thought the SEC refs did an appalling job.
The last five minutes of the first half may be the worst five minutes I’ve ever watched

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Re: Good Bad and Ugly

Post by byufan4ever »

My only takeaway from the game is that Tuiaki needs to be fired. I know his head has been called for before, but we've crossed the point of no return for me. Short of a shutout in each of the remaining games I don't think that there's anything that he can do to redeem himself. It's not just the points allowed. It's not just the yards allowed. It's the manner and the scheme. TV commentators are talking about our horrible defense. Neutral fans are talking about our horrible defense.

Here's a question for you: If Tuiaki were fired could he find another job anywhere in the FCS? I think not. Sitake has really grown on me and I like him a lot, but I'm at the point that if he can't get rid of Tuiaki then I want him gone too.

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Re: Good Bad and Ugly

Post by TulaneVandyRiceCoug »

First off, I think these are all sound opinions.

TVRC likes to take an extra day to reflect before commenting so I can at least pretend to not be emotionally reactive. Here it goes.

The eye-popping numbers that Arkansas put up are very concerning. 644 total yards of offense against our D? Wow. Credit to the Razorbacks, but our D played AND schemed terribly. We lose a lot of games when that happens. The 350+ passing and 250+ running against us showed that we couldn't ever really stop them.

I am wondering about the ceiling our D can reach. Right now it seems very low. This D will get destroyed week after week in the Big12 without serious change. I'm not one to call for firing someone, but some change is needed. If we want to be competitive in the Big12 we will have to invest in a more seasoned Defensive Coordinator, period. I am even just great if Coach T is retained in a different position of coaching. But to get to that next level where our D can hold these kinds of good teams in the 20s, and give our offense at least a shot to outscore, I do think a change is needed. Tall order to ask the BYU offense to outpace what the Arkansas offense did to us.

Splitting the big 4 into a 1-3 now makes the schedule look that much more daunting. Kalani mentioned in the post game how he bets Hugh Freeze is licking his chops with this film. Any coach would be. I predict two more losses at least before the season is done. I think Liberty scored 35+ on us, and then the calls for change will be getting louder. I think we still make a bowl, but yikes. Maybe this is an 8-5 year.

Biggest takeaway for the administration is that with the current system we are only capable of knocking off a team like Baylor every once in awhile, but certainly not able to do it consistently. This spells several 6-6 type seasons as the ceiling in the years to come.

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