Tuiaki is likely gone at the end of the season

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Tuiaki is likely gone at the end of the season

Post by Fido » ... as-changed

Summary is that Sitake said there will be no mid-year dismissals from his staff because that is not how he does things. However, Sitake has taken over the defensive play calling duties and Tuiaki is working full time with the D line.

"Meanwhile, multiple sources told the Deseret News that Tuiaki offered to resign last Monday after the Arkansas debacle, but Sitake would not let him and the good friends worked out the current arrangement.

“I have never done in-season dismissals,” Sitake said Monday. “We need all hands on deck. I know I have a responsibility here as a head coach, and that is keeping in mind what our fans want and what are players need. I am aware of everything."

I think this means at least Tuiaki is going to leave after the season is over. Maybe others as well. Even if they won't change mid-year and leave the team short-handed from a coaching perspective.

It will make the entry into the Big 12 interesting with lots of changes in players, coaching, and everything.

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Re: Tuiaki is likely gone at the end of the season

Post by Sammich »

It’s an interesting strategy to hold on to someone you’re planning to get rid of. I can see that on the one hand, there’s plenty of work to keep people busy. But on the other hand, there’s the common problem that when players don’t believe in a coach anymore, it seeps into all sorts of aspects of the team culture. Getting rid of the coach is a hard break and forces the team to take ownership of their problems (and sometimes, the change itself is enough to give people a boost in how they are working or playing).

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